Purchasing a pool or spa is not just a lifestyle choice, but also an investment. Enjoy the peace of mind that our experienced professionals offer. Whether you require regular pool cleaning or a one-off health check, a new heating installation or an insurance report, Access Pool Services has it covered.

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FREE Water Testing

Is your pool really as clean as you think?  Find out today. Visit our in-store Water Test Station for a free water analysis. We will ensure your pool is perfectly balanced all year round.


Why you should regularly test your pool and spa water:


  • If not properly maintained, the water in your swimming pool or spa will harbour a range of microbes, including bacteria and algae. The results can range from health problems such as ear, nose and throat infections, to hair discolouration and sore eyes.


  • Chemical imbalances in your pool or spa water can permanently damage the surface of your pool - namely surface stains - and your pool equipment, typically filtration systems.

We test:

Acid & Alkaline levels

Chlorine / Bromine


Calcium Hardness





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We use the most up to date water analysis system, the LaMotte WaterLink Spin, to ensure complete accuracy with every test.

How we test your water?


  • We use:

    • The Focus water analysys software to meet Langlier index standards

    • State-of-the-art LaMotte WaterLink Spin water analysis equipment ensuring accuracy every test. 

  • Benefit from our extensive knowledge of water quality, chemicals, and technical testing equipment.

  • We don't oversell, but we will let you know what you need for a healthy pool.

  • Best of all - IT'S FREE!!

What you need to do

To take advantage of our free in-house water test:

  • Use a clean, sealable container (half-a-litre minimum per pool or spa)

  •  Going down at least 1 arm's length, fill the container.

  • Do not leave the water in your car or in direct sunlight as this will affect the test.

  • Bring the samples into our store - we'll do the rest!

Stain Removal

Pool and spa stains are unsightly and often difficult to remove.


Different types of stains are caused by different factors. These include:

  • Organic matter in the pool

  • The presence of metals in the pool water, e.g. copper or iron

  • Corrosion of the pool equipment and/or plumbing

If you are experiencing stubborn stains, we can assist by:

  • Accurately diagnosing the cause of the stain

  • Remedying the cause of the stain

  • Stain removal procedures, such as acid washes (see our tech acid washing a pool in Valentine September 2014) for concrete pools to     remove stains and kill blackspot.

  • Supplying a range of  proven stain removal products

Equipment Sales & Service


We repair pumps, filters and chlorinators and pool


If we can repair your equipment cost effectively

rather than replace it, we will.




If your damaged pool equipment needs replacing, we stock a wide range of the best brands at competitive prices.



Not sure what you need? Don't worry. Our professional staff will assist in identifying the cause of the problem and recommend the best way to fix it.




Of course our qualified technicians can deliver and instal any equipment you purchase from Access Pools. Remember,  in most cases you will void manufacturers warranty if your equipment is not installed by a qualified technician.

Green Pool Restoration

Avoid permanent damage to your pool, spa and equipment


Pool and spa water can turn green and murky for a number of reason, including poor water circulation, chemical imbalance, neglect, and so on. It's important to remedy the problem early to avoid permanently damaging your pool's surface and equipment.


Allow our technicians to analyse the cause of the problem and advise/assist with the most appropriate course of action to fix it.  Depending on the problem, remediation actions could include:

  • The application of chemicals, such as chlorine or algaecide

  • Targeted cleaning to both the pool and the filtration equipment

  • The application of ultraviolet technologies

  • Replacing or repairing equipment in extreme cases



Pool Walk throughs

Swimming Pools Explained Simply


If you have recently moved into a house with a pool or spa, or have installed a new pool or spa and are unsure of how to maintain it, we can inspect your set-up and explain how best to maintain your pool, spa and equipment.

We will supply you with written maintenance instructions tailored to your specific situation so that you are fully informed of how your pool work and how to look after it.

Insurance Claims & Inspections

Insurance Claims


From chemical spills to storm damage, power surges etc, Access Pool Services can inspect and prepare a written report detailing the nature of the damage and lodge it with your insurance company. Our technician will then carry out any repairs promptly minimising down time so your family can enjoy the pool sooner.



Inspections - Buying or selling your home?


Access can provide a comprehensive written report detailing the condition of your pool, spa and equipment. This includes any safety requirements and repairs that may need addressing.


People often purchase building and pest reports when purchasing a home, but neglect pool and spa reports. This can be a costly mistake. An inspection from Access offers peace of mind and the assurance of knowing of any problems before exchanging contracts.