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Free customer water tests using the latest technology ensuring accuracy

Keep your pool and spa clean and safe all year round with our wide range of Australian made FOCUS chemicals, designed specifically for Australian conditions...

We stock the best automatic cleaners in the market, at the best prices. We'll advise you of a cleaner to suit your pool to reduce your maintenance time, including robotic, suction and pressure cleaners...

Manual Cleaning Equipment

Keeping your pool clean is a breeze with our wide range of cleaning equipment. Check-out our range of brushes, scoops, vacuum heads, scrubbers and more...


Keep the leaves and muck at bay with our range of pump and skimmer baskets, including Quiptron, Poolrite, Hayward, Hurlcon,  Waterco, Clark, Davey, Intex brands and more...

Sand filters - change your media to glass & save money

Need a new sand filter? We have a range of fibreglass filters in stock to suit your pool and your budget. The sand in your filter should be changed every 5-7 years to maximise filtration. Why not let one of our technicians do this for you? Replacing with glass ensures finer filtration, backwashing less often (saving money on water & chemicals) and the media needs to be replaced less often than sand.

Cartridge Filters

Let us help you select the right filter for your pool size and type.We only stock the best on the market, with excellent warranties. We also stock a large variety of replacement cartridges in store.

Pumps to suit your budget & pool

The pump is the heart of the filtration process, keeping your pool or spa water well circulated and clean. So having the right size and type of pump is crucial. Talk to us about your pool and spa design needs to ensure you have the right pump for the job...including a range of Eco pumps saving you money  Now offering a full 4 year warranty on select pumps


Chlorinators create chlorine which is then distributed to your pool or spa via the filtration system. So why add chlorine manually when our range of chlorinators can automatically do it for you...

From Magna Pools, to Mineral pools or salt systems- we have the complete range 

Spare Parts

Flexible connectors, gaskets, O-rings, hose clamps, skimmer doors, deck lids, main drain covers, valves, cartridge lids, pressure gauges, light globes...the list goes on.

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