ALLERGIES? We Have The Solution........



Do you or your children suffer from eczema, asthma or allergies? We have the solution creating healthy crystal clear water safe for you and your family......

Are you tired of RED EYES or ITCHY SKIN?

Red eyes and itchy skin is directly related to chlorine by-products (chloramines). Traditional sanitation systems have no way of destroying chloramines. Ozone targets and breaks down chloramines so you will not get red eyes or itchy skin when swimming.

Do you want to reduce your CHLORINE EXPOSURE?

Ozone performs the majority of the heavy workload to keep your water healthy therefore your chlorine level can be reduced by up to 80%.


The water is Healthy because it is purified using the same ozone technology that purifies 90% of the world’s bottled drinking water. Ozone also destroys chlorine resistant organisms such as Cryptosporidium. The water is Crystal Clear because ozone is a natural flocculent that consistently turns impurities into solids so they can be filtered out. The water is Odour Free because Ozone destroys chlorine by products (chloramines) which create the strong odours in pools (especially indoor pools).

Do you want to SAVE TIME and MONEY on maintenance?

Due to the low residual chlorine levels your pH (acid) will not fluctuate as much or affect your alkalinity to the same extent. As a result, you can reduce the ongoing costs related to balancing. The titanium salt cell is self-cleaning and due to its size, does not need to be run at the same ratetherefore drastically extending its life.

Does your family suffer from ALLERGIES, ASTHMA or ECZEMA?

People have the misconception that they are allergic to chlorine in their pool as they suffer from allergies, asthma or eczema when swimming. The truth is it’s actually the by-products of chlorine -the chloramines. Traditional chlorination systems have no way of destroying the chloramines.Ozone Swim pools are safe for people that suffer from allergies, Asthma and Eczema because Ozone targets and destroys the irritant – chloramines.

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