FREE Water Testing

Is your pool really as clean as you think?  Find out today 

Why you should regularly test your pool and spa water:


  • If not properly maintained, the water in your swimming pool or spa will harbour a range of microbes, including bacteria and algae. The results can range from health problems such as ear, nose and throat infections, to hair discolouration and sore eyes. 


  • Chemical imbalances in your pool or spa water can permanently damage the surface of your pool - namely surface stains - and your pool equipment, typically filtration systems.

We use the most up to date water analysis system, the LaMotte WaterLink Spin, to ensure complete accuracy with every test. We test for;

  1. Free, total & combined chlorine

  2. Alkalinity

  3. Ph

  4. Salt

  5. Minerals

  6. Calcium

  7. Stabiliser

  8. Phosphates

  9. Copper

  10. Iron

How we test your water?


  • We use:

    • The Focus Product's software to meet Langlier index standards

    • State-of-the-art LaMotte WaterLink Spin water analysis equipment ensuring accuracy every test.  

  • Benefit from our extensive knowledge of water quality, chemicals, and technical testing equipment.

  • We don't oversell, but we will let you know what you need for a healthy pool.

  • Best of all - IT'S FREE!!